Oliver Gstöttenbauer

I am an Austria based computer science student, and have just finished my matura in austria.

This is my portfolio, keep scrolling down to see what I have been up to.

Where I worked before

Catalysts • summer 2018

I worked on the Backend of Newsadoo, a startup which delivers customized feeds of news articles, by crawling different newspapers, and combining them to allow for an unique user experience.

My job was mainly to create microservices for their own advertising platform, and integrate them into their existing backend.

Technologies used: Spring boot, Java, JHipster, Consul, ...

JKU Institute of Computational Perception • summer 2018

In that internship, I had the pleasure to develop multiplayer board game environments, for the OpenAI gym library.

These will be used in the following years for teaching about reinforcement learning at the JKU.

Jan Aigner and I have written our diploma thesis about these games, their implementation inside gym and different algorithms to master these games.

Technologies used: Keras, OpenAI gym, Python, Tensorflow, ...

Catalysts • summer 2017

That year I worked on 2 projects:

Cutting Speed a calculator which helps reduce maintenance costs for different mechanical machines.

The second project was the user management of Data Market Austria.

Technologies used: Spring boot, Java, Angular, TypeScript, ...

3 Banken IT GmbH • summer 2016


Hippie Tree Friends • November 2018

Hippie Tree Friends is a game, some friends of mine and I developed in a weekend. The most complex part of this project was to coordinate 8 people to work on one game.

Besides managing most of the software engineering I also created some of the art, like those adorable trees.

Technologies used: Unity, Photoshop, C#

SmashBlox • 2017-2018

SmashBlox is a real-time multiplayer action game for Android. You can fight against your friends, random people or bots.

The game has great social media integration, allowing to connect to your Facebook friends or Google contacts.

Technologies used: Unity, C#, NodeJS, TypeScript, RethinkDB, Facebook SDK ...

Grack, a real-time messenger • 2015

Grack was a messenger which allowed for rich customization of the user interface, and had many features like groups, friends, sending videos and images.

Technologies used: NodeJS, Angular, Ionic, MySQL, ...


HTL Litec • information technology branch • 2014-2019

The IT branch of the HTL Litec has a main focus on:

  • system technology / network technology
  • Software Development in C, C# and Java
  • Databases MSSQL and MySQL
  • Project management

NMS Harbach • music branch • 2010-2014

Contact me

I am always interested in projects, or general ideas.
Get in touch if you want to:

[email protected]